Realistic SCR-6 Boombox

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This is the first Boombox being featured on 
Cassette Comeback CANADA

This Boombox features:
- Cassette Player
- Plays/Records Type I, II, and IV
- Recording Level adjustment
- Dolby B
- Made in Japan

It carries a limited 30 Day warranty, starting from the day you receive it in your home, if shipped out to you, or on the day it is picked-up or delivered. Warranty is provided by Absolute Electronic Service, located at 2904 Dufferin Street, in Toronto, Canada. Technician's name is Konstantin (Shop Owner). Telephone number: 416-782-3448

The warranty covers you for AM/FM radio, the tape mechanism was tested, cleaned, mechanical parts were lubricated, and belts were replaced. Please keep in mind, Boomboxes were never really manufactured to have a life of more than 10 to 15 years by any brand, but here we are 35 to 40 years after, and still demanding they keep working. The Technician guarantees the equipment to work as shown in the video(s) clip(s) and will cover for the labor only of making adjustments and repairs if any of the radio or cassette functions fail within a 30 day period. Bottom line, any kind of warranty on electronic equipment this old is rarely offered. 

The Boombox was also slightly enhanced, by having added some small LED strip lighting as shown in the pictures and video. If this is not something you like, it can be easily removed. This does not interfere with the boombox electronics and its basic performance. This will allow you to operate the radio in a dark setting should you wish to do so.

I will ship the Radio to most places in the world. Please send me an email with your request and address, and I will find the best possible shipping rate available.

Realistic SCR-6

Note: Contrary to what the listing shows at the top of the page, if you are from Canada, taxes will have to be added.