Kenwood KX-1030 Cassette Deck

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Kenwood KX-1030 Cassette Deck

This entry level 3-Head Cassette Deck features:
- Three Ferrite Heads
- Plays/Records Type I, II, and Reserve (?)
- Recording Level adjustment
- Bias adjustment
- Dolby B
- Left & Right Large VU Meters
- Made in Japan. Serial number: 760902

As you will from the wonky video footage, the Deck, although it does not seem to play or record well. The price below will reflect this condition. After I take in for service, the price will be changed. I will offer it as is at this point.

I will ship the Cassette Deck to most places in the world. Please send me an email with your request and address, and I will find the best possible shipping rate available.

Kenwood KX-1030

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