Studio Dynamics SHD1 - ~1979 - US

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Studio Dynamics - SHD1 - US

Made in or prepared for Canada. Toronto, Ontario.

By Standard Magnetics. Described as a tape with about the quality of a Super Ferric (High Density Ferric Oxide, as per manufacturer). See video below for review on this tape.

Note: These tapes were bought brand new from a music studio audiophile and very likely intended for the high performance purposes of studio music production. Acquired together with the Akai FeCr tapes lot.

Best guess, these were made circa 1979.

No trace, no picture, no articles of any kind on the internet about this tape. It may be therefore exceptionally rare. Not particularly a very aesthetically attractive cassette, but a rather clean, sharp design and very well kept for 40+ years. Tape is smooth, shinny and darkish brown.